Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas’ Asshole Massacre

October 20, 2009

Yet another Chainsaw XXX knockoff. The plot of Texas’ Asshole Massacre has something to do with a porn industry talent agency owned by a character named “Texas” (thus the apostrophe). The final scene features one pornstar chasing another with a giant doubleheaded dildo (as seen on the box cover) instead of a chainsaw.

Texas Vibrator Massacre

October 20, 2009
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Rob Rotten directed Texas Vibrator Massacre in 2008. This film is not so much a porn parody, more a mega-sleazy blend of horror and hardcore porn.

Texas Dildo Masquerade

October 20, 2009
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The porn parody plot roughly follows the original, as four college kids in a van stumble across a dilapidated dildo factory haunted by masked sex maniacs. One reviewer calls it “easily the most ridiculous, creepy, hilarious and nonsensical piece of adult cinema ever created.”