Science Fiction

Brazzers Does Sci-Fi

The Brazzers network has done hardcore spoofs of several big Hollywood sci-fi movies. They're each about 30-40 minutes with one long sex scene. I'm liking the Brazzers style right now -- good mix of camp and raunch, professional lighting and camerawork (sadly not always the case in porn). This X-Men spoof was just posted this [...]

The devoted preservationists at Alpha Blue Archives have restored and reissued another pair of classic porn parodies. The Angela Baron Triple Feature includes both RoboFox (1987) and RoboFox Part II (1988), which riffed on the 1987 Paul Verhoeven joint RoboCop. In RoboFox, an ordinary girl is transformed into "the perfect sex robot created for ultimate [...]

New Star Trek Porn Parody from Hustler thumbnail

Only a month after Hollywood's latest Star Trek movie, Hustler gets ready to drop This Ain't Star Trek XXX 3, once again directed by Axel Braun and starring Evan Stone as Captain Kirk. The DVD comes out Tuesday, June 25, 2013. It's in 3-D, and each two-disc set comes with a pair of red/blue 3-D [...]

Retro Sci-Fi XXX Parodies Rescued by Alpha Blue thumbnail

Alpha Blue Archives has released two science fiction-themed triple feature DVDs featuring previously unavailable porn parodies from the 1970s & 1980s. First up, the Wet Science Triple Feature. This DVD contains Wet Science starring Erica Boyer; Bionic Babes starring Kristara Barrington; and Backside To The Future starring Erica Boyer and Tami White. All originally released [...]

This Ain't Avatar XXX 2: Escape from Pandwhora 3D thumbnail

Hustler has released Axel Braun's This Ain't Avatar XXX 2: Escape from Pandwhora 3D, several years ahead of slowpoke James Cameron's non-XXX sequel. The two-disc set comes with 3D glasses, though I expect most of you have a few spare pairs lying around.

This Ain't Avatar 2 XXX

This Ain't Avatar 2 XXX thumbnail

James Cameron's Avatar 2 is still a few years away. What's taking him so long? Axel Braun has already finished the porn parody version, This Ain't Avatar 2 XXX: Escape from Pandwhora.

Men in Black hardcore parody from Wicked thumbnail

Wicked parodies the Men In Black franchise. Check out the trailer, promo pics, video clips, behind-the-scenes featurette, poster, cast list.

This Isn't Killer Klowns From Outer Space … It's a XXX Spoof! thumbnail

White Ghetto spoofs the 1988 campy sci-fi cult film with actual clown sex.

Tashes to Gashes

Tashes to Gashes thumbnail

Television X turns the time-travel cop drama Ashes to Ashes into the XXX porn parody Tashes to Gashes.

Wicked's buzz campaign for Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody launches with three promo YouTube videos.