Maddy O’Reilly

New Releases: Magic Mike, Modern Family, Kill Bill thumbnail

Our award-winning Porn Parody Store (please don't ask which awards) has three new releases. Wicked adds an X to the mainstream sequel Magic Mike XXL with its Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody. Directed by Brad Armstrong, who has a long history of making glossy big-budget couples porn. The all-star cast includes Asa Akira, Adriana [...]

OMG ... It's the Duck Dynasty XXX Parody directed by Jordan Septo hits store shelves today. The popularity of Duck Dynasty is truly amazing. It's the biggest cable reality show ratings-wise by far, at least triple what the Kardashians draw. So the only question is, What took the porn parodists so long? Female stars (left [...]

Will Ryder has been working on Not the Wizard of Oz XXX for nearly a year, and the finished film hits shelves on July 10, 2013. Our store is taking pre-orders. Ryder's studio X-Play uploaded this SFW trailer to YouTube last week. X-Play promises "700 special effects, thousands of edits, five musical numbers and seven [...]