India Summer

New Releases: Magic Mike, Modern Family, Kill Bill thumbnail

Our award-winning Porn Parody Store (please don't ask which awards) has three new releases. Wicked adds an X to the mainstream sequel Magic Mike XXL with its Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody. Directed by Brad Armstrong, who has a long history of making glossy big-budget couples porn. The all-star cast includes Asa Akira, Adriana [...]

It's a Wonderful Life XXX

It's a Wonderful Life XXX thumbnail

White Ghetto gets in the humbug spirit with This Isn't It's A Wonderful Life ... It's A XXX Spoof! The plot: "A compassionate but frustrated man sees what life would have been like if he married the young, hot but emasculating girl he desires. Not so wonderful after all!" The lead dude looks more like [...]

Spartacus MMXII

Spartacus MMXII thumbnail

Spartacus MMXII, a porno version of the Starz series, comes out in summer 2012. Check out several teaser clips and production stills.

Men in Black hardcore parody from Wicked thumbnail

Wicked parodies the Men In Black franchise. Check out the trailer, promo pics, video clips, behind-the-scenes featurette, poster, cast list.

Dallas XXX: A Parody

Dallas XXX: A Parody thumbnail

TNT premieres its Dallas reboot this week, and Adam & Eve piggybacks by releasing their ambitious Dallas XXX: A Parody one day before.

Wicked's buzz campaign for Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody launches with three promo YouTube videos.

Romeo & Juliet XXX directed by Lee Roy Myers thumbnail

Lee Roy Myers tackles Shakespeare in his new XXX version of Romeo & Juliet.

Advance trailer for Adam & Eve's upcoming Dallas XXX porn parody.

How I Met Your Mother XXX

How I Met Your Mother XXX thumbnail

White Ghetto and Jim Powers have both released How I Met Your Mother porn parodies that aren't really parodies, just collections of MILF porn scenes.

Sister Wives XXX: A Porn Parody

Sister Wives XXX: A Porn Parody thumbnail

The reality show Sister Wives makes polygamy look decidedly unarousing. Vivid fixes that in the XXX porn parody.