Chad Diamond

The Tranny Bunch – Jim Powers Does Transgender Brady Bunch thumbnail

The Brady Bunch aired from 1969 to 1974, but it remains a cultural touchstone. The modern porn parody craze really took off with Will Ryder's 2007 Not the Bradys XXX, which spawned four sequels. Now Jim Powers brings us a new sort of Brady Bunch porn parody with The Tranny Bunch. It's exactly what it [...]

Update: Legendary director Will Ryder and studio X-Play released Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Parody on DVD in early November 2014. Look for video-on-demand availability soon. Press release quotes from Will Ryder: "The movie is definitely aimed at fans of high quality adult entertainment including couples that want to watch something enjoyable together and of [...]

Not The Three Stooges XXX

Not The Three Stooges XXX thumbnail

Will Ryder's new porn parody Not The Three Stooges XXX hits the streets today.

PG Stooges threaten to sue XXX Stooges thumbnail

The company that controls the Three Stooges brand is threatening to sue Will Ryder and X-Play for their upcoming Not the Three Stooges XXX porn parody.