Anastasia Pierce

Anastasia Pierce Stars in Bunch of New Cosplay Fetish Flicks thumbnail

Anastasia Pierce, our favorite cosplay fetish pinup, has been keeping busy lately with superheroine and supervillainess parody DVD releases. Let's play catchup. Three full-length scenes feature Anastasia Pierce as the demonic Succubus and Charlotte Stokely as damsel-in-distress Jaina Proudmoore. There's a big-budget Warcraft feature film coming to theaters soon, but it can't possibly top this. [...]

Anastasia Pierce brings more Wonder Woman XXX BDSM cosplay awesomeness thumbnail

Anastasia Pierce continues her prolific output of superhero BDSM cosplay porn parodies. The latest DVD release is entitled Wonder Woman! With Miss America And Power Girl. This release collects two 30+-minute vignettes: Wonder Woman & Power Girl vs Catwoman Anastasia Pierce plays both Wonder Woman and Catwoman, while Carissa Montgomery stars as Power Girl. The [...]

The Perils of Slave Leia – Star Wars Cosplay Bondage Smut thumbnail

Anastasia Pierce Productions is back with another wild fetish cosplay porn parody, this time set in the Star Wars universe. The Perils of Slave Leia stars Anastasia Pierce as Princess Leia in a series of light bondage scenes. Tormenting our heroine this time around are Amelea Dark (as a sexy stormtrooper) and Mistress D (as [...]

Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman battles Poison Ivy and Batgirl thumbnail

Anastasia Pierce Productions has released another hot superheroines-in-peril fetish cosplay porn parody: Wonder Woman vs Poison Ivy. Hooray! This release collects three scenes, each starring Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman vs Poison Ivy: Helpless and Drained of Life (33 minutes) Poison Ivy (Kendra James) imprisons Wonder Woman in her greenhouse of doom and [...]

Anastasia Pierce is Wonder Woman

Anastasia Pierce is Wonder Woman thumbnail

Anastasia Pierce Productions continues its strange and wonderful series of superheroine cosplay fetish releases with Wonder Woman: A Fetish Parody. This release collects three scenes running 25-30 minutes apiece, each featuring Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman in exquisite peril. The box promises "Peril, Drama, Bondage, Girl-Girl, Strap-on, Blackmail, Humiliation, Domination, Forced Orgasm". The scene breakdown [...]

Anastasia Pierce in Scarlet Witch vs Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman thumbnail

Anastasia Pierce Productions continues its series of superheroine cosplay fetish parodies with Scarlet Witch vs Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman. Anastasia Pierce plays the Scarlet Witch, battling Angela Sommers as Ms. Marvel and Goldie Blair as Spider-Woman. There has been a small but thriving superheroine bondage fetish niche for many years -- usually very low-budget, usually [...]

Two weeks ago, we touted Scarlet Witch vs Black Widow and Batwoman, a new "fetish parody" all-girl superhero cosplay flick from Anastasia Pierce Productions starring Anastasia Pierce. Now the same team returns with The Black Cat vs Batwoman, starring Anastasia Pierce (as superheroine Batwoman) battling Kendra James (as supervillainess The Black Cat). The front cover [...]

New this week from Anastasia Pierce Productions comes a strange fetish parody, Scarlet Witch vs Black Widow and Batwoman. Anastasia Pierce creates and stars in all-female light BDSM smut with a playful, burlesque vibe. If stylish superhero cosplay bondage is your thing, or one of your things, it doesn't get any better than this.