Devil's Film has the Miley Cyrus lookalike porn parody Molly's Wrecking Ballz available inside their members site. They posted a bunch of free photo and video galleries to get everyone all hot and bothered. Enjoy! 15 photos: Swinging on the wrecking ball 15 photos: Swinging the sledgehammer 15 photos: Licking the sledgehammer 15 photos: MTV [...]

A few weeks ago, Hustler dropped White House Orgy, a porn parody which imagined Barack Obama (played by Tyler Knight) partying with a harem of horny interns in the Oval Office. To keep the buzz alive, Hustler just released an "official music video" on YouTube, entitled "America on the Run". If Fox News developed a [...]

Bad Grandpa – the XXX Spoof

The weirdos at White Ghetto have released their latest ripped-from-the-megaplex sorta porn parody: This Isn't Bad Grandpa ... It's A XXX Spoof! In the XXX version, an old man has a series of crazy adventures with young women. Unlike the Jackass version, the star here is a real old man, not a good-looking stud in [...]

Vivid.com has Thor XXX: An Axel Braun Parody available now online for subscribers. The DVD release is slated for Tuesday, November 12, 2013. Official studio blurb: "The mighty Thor battles the Frost Giants and suffers minor wounds, only to be betrayed by his own half-brother Loki, who tricks him into hurling his hammer Mjolnir to [...]

E.T. XXX out now

Director Jim Powers drops E.T. XXX: A DreamZone Parody today, the definitive hardcore defilement of the beloved Spielberg classic. Starring Capri Anderson, Veronica Radke, Jodie Taylor, Alana Evans and some guy in an E.T. costume. Check out the SFW trailer: And a set photo showing E.T. with Jodie and friend: And another showing E.T. with [...]

I'm Dreaming Of Genie

I'm Dreaming Of Genie thumbnail

An exotic concubine eager to do anything to please her master, isn't that the essence of porn? I Dream of Jeannie is tailor-made for porn parody.

Howard Sperm's Private Parties (Howard Stern XXX parody) thumbnail

In the early 1990s when Private Parts was on the bestseller list, two studios slapped wigs on wood and made Howard Stern XXX parodies.

Maximum Hard, Stuffed Hard (Maxim, Stuff magazine XXX parodies) thumbnail

In 2003, a porn studio called Python announced plans for two new porn DVD series called Maximum Hard and Stuffed Hard. Each box cover would mimic the most recent issues of Maxim and Stuff magazines.

Apocalypse Climax

Apocalypse Climax thumbnail

The title isn't even a pun. Why not Apocalypse Nude? or Apocal-Ass Now? On the plus side, someone actually made a porn parody of Apocalypse Now.

Hustler's Desperate Housewhores

Hustler's Desperate Housewhores thumbnail

Hustler put out a milfy parody called Desperate Housewhores, which performed well enough that they made fifteen sequels and counting.