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Axel Braun to Shoot Empire Strikes Back XXX thumbnail

Axel Braun's Star Wars XXX came out in February 2012. It swept that year's adult film awards and made a ton of money. Now he's finally getting ready to shoot the sequel, The Empire Strikes Back XXX. The current schedule calls for shooting to begin June 1 and last 28 days. That's not much by [...]

Porn Parodies in the Pipeline: Compton, the Empire, Gnardians thumbnail

The porn parody craze might be slowing down a tad in 2015, but several high-profile projects are in the works. Look for these sometime in the second half of the year. Gnardians of the Galaxy Directed by Lee Roy Myers WoodRocket has already posted three scenes from this Guardians of the Galaxy XXX spoof: part [...]

Update: Legendary director Will Ryder and studio X-Play released Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Parody on DVD in early November 2014. Look for video-on-demand availability soon. Press release quotes from Will Ryder: "The movie is definitely aimed at fans of high quality adult entertainment including couples that want to watch something enjoyable together and of [...]

WoodRocket, the smartypants tube site brainchild of director Lee Roy Myers, has announced their next supergeeky porn parody: Doctor Whore. Lee Roy Myers says in the press release, "We love Doctor Who and want to pay homage to this brilliant series. And add space vaginas." Around 2005, the Adult Channel in Britain made eleven episodes [...]

Official Revenge Of The Nerds Parody thumbnail

The classic 80s comedy Revenge of the Nerds finally gets the porn parody treatment. In this version, "the nerds finally get even ... one horny cheerleader at a time."

We're reorganizing slightly today. For the past three months, we ran a new "Coming Soon" column every Wednesday. That short-lived tradition goes kaput. Henceforth the "Coming Soon" list lives on one static page, which we'll update every time new projects are announced. New information goes up more quickly, and it's less work. Win-win. The [...]

The official Porn Parody Coming Soon Rundown column appears every Wednesday. Just when I think this craze might be slowing down, a half-dozen more projects pop up.

Coming Soon – March 31, 2010

The official Porn Parody Coming Soon Rundown column appears every Wednesday. The craze isn't slowing down, and new productions keep popping up.

Coming Soon – March 24, 2010

The official Porn Parody Coming Soon Rundown column appears every Wednesday.

Coming Soon – March 17, 2010

Our regular Wednesday "Porn Parody Coming Soon Rundown" column.