H.W.A. stands for Ho's Wit Attitude thumbnail

After N.W.A. ended, DJ Yella built a second career as porn producer and director, including one release spoofing the iconic Straight Outta Compton album cover.

Long-lost 1972 Godfather Parody Found and Reissued by Alpha Blue thumbnail

The fine folks at Alpha Blue Archives continue to seek out, restore and reissue early porn that would otherwise be lost to the ages. Their latest discovery is The Godmother, a long-lost 1972 porn parody of The Godfather. The film stars Tina Smith ("whose heavy tits defy the laws of gravity!" according to Alpha Blue's [...]

Still no Hunger Games porn parody for some reason thumbnail

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 comes out this weekend, the third of four planned movies based on the dystopian young adult novel trilogy. And for whatever reason, the porn industry has once again failed to tag along with a Hunger Games porn parody. What the hell is wrong with these people? The first two [...]

Burning Angel has a history of celebrating Halloween with horror porn spoofs. This year they released two of their classics together on DVD and video-on-demand, The Craft XXX and Dong of the Dead. Both of these originally appeared at a few years back. Until now, that has been the only place to see them. [...]

The Vampire Films of Misty Mundae

The Vampire Films of Misty Mundae thumbnail

Seduction Cinema has been making campy softcore porn parodies since the 1990s. Their movies show up overnight on pay cable channels sometimes, though IMHO they're much more fun than the usual Skinemax fare. They've done superhero films, fantasy epics, all manner of horror films, knockoffs of recent Hollywood blockbusters, all mostly an excuse for lots [...]

Researching a project on superhero porn, I recently stumbled across this oddity: Bathman dal pianeta Eros, a very silly 1982 Batman porn parody made in Italy. The title translates to Bathman from Planet Eros. Mark Shannon in the lead role wears the classic Adam West Batman costume, except his cowl and gloves are a brighter [...]

Bat Pussy – the first superhero porn parody? thumbnail

The last four years has been the Golden Age of superhero porn parody. Pornographers have methodically worked their way through the DC and Marvel canon, and every Hollywood superhero blockbuster has spawned at least one XXX knockoff. The genre goes back a long way, of course. Charlie Jane Anders traced "the Bizarre History of Superhero [...]

Are you ready for some football smut? Back in 1997 director Jim Powers, master of gonzo and parody alike, got fans ready with the all-girl football flick San Francisco 69'ers. Blurb: "It's first down on the 69-yard line and 90 minutes left on the clock!" Close enough. The roster included Heaven Leigh, Shawna Edwards, Shelbee [...]

Planet of the Babes

In 2001, piggybacking on the godawful Tim Burton Planet of the Apes remake, Jim Powers directed the far superior porn parody Planet of the Babes. The Powers version follows the original plot exactly: three astronauts land on a mysterious planet where intelligent apes enslave stone age humans. The original DVD box cover looks styling, though [...]

The Blair Witch Project was a mindboggling success in the summer of 1999. Made for less than $100,000, it ended up grossing $250 million. Fifteen years later, the Hollywood studios and wannabes and film students continue mimicking its formula. Not surprisingly, there have been many porn parodies over the years. Among the first was The [...]