Anastasia Pierce Stars in Bunch of New Cosplay Fetish Flicks

Anastasia Pierce, our favorite cosplay fetish pinup, has been keeping busy lately with superheroine and supervillainess parody DVD releases. Let’s play catchup.

Warcraft: Carnal Quest


Three full-length scenes feature Anastasia Pierce as the demonic Succubus and Charlotte Stokely as damsel-in-distress Jaina Proudmoore.

There’s a big-budget Warcraft feature film coming to theaters soon, but it can’t possibly top this.

The Great Zatanna


Pierce plays stage magician superheroine Zatanna in three full-length scenes. Also starring Star Nine as Batgirl, and Carissa Montgomery as Miss Robin.



Anastasia Pierce is a natural to play Catwoman, squaring off against Crystal Clark as Batgirl and Jean Bardot as Harley Quinn.



This two-part adventure pits Anastasia Pierce as Vampirella against Alli Rae as Supergirl. What happens when a thousand-year-old vampire battles an alien-born superheroine? What about after Vampirella uses her BODY X-CHANGE powers? There’s only one way to find out.

* * *

We love the playfulness and imagination and sheer erotic goofiness in these releases. We hope you do too. You can find all the Anastasia Pierce Productions titles in our official Porn Parody Store.