Bathman dal pianeta Eros – 1982 Italian Batman parody

Researching a project on superhero porn, I recently stumbled across this oddity: Bathman dal pianeta Eros, a very silly 1982 Batman porn parody made in Italy. The title translates to Bathman from Planet Eros.

Mark Shannon in the lead role wears the classic Adam West Batman costume, except his cowl and gloves are a brighter shade of blue.


The filmmakers take major liberties with the Batman legend. For one thing, Bathman comes from outer space here, from the planet Eros. And instead of a young male ward/sidekick, Bathman has a girlfriend named Klito Bell, secret identity of Bathbaby, who also hails from Planet Eros.


The alien heroes have gotten lazy and let their crimefighting slide, allowing gangs led by Penguin, Joker and Catwoman to run wild in Gotham.


The masters of planet Eros send a robot to Earth to whip Bathman and Bathbaby back into shape. (This guy reminds me of the Great Gazoo.)


The robot’s ingenious plan involves inviting all the heroes and criminals to a giant orgy. That works, and peace returns to Gotham.

For whatever reason, a recent DVD reissue changed the awesome original title to the boring, less descriptive Klito Bell. Sadly, this film is not currently available on Region 1 DVD, and none of our VoD affiliates have it. Unofficial copies of varying quality are around if you look. A few nudity-free minutes are available on YouTube: