High Infidelity

High Fidelity was a great novel and then a great movie. The hard-to-find 2002 porn parody High Infidelity follows the original plot pretty closely.

Blurb: “John Cutler runs a used record store. He is an authority on music trivia. Everything in his life pertains to the Top Ten and Top Five lists, including his top five all time sexual conquests! These are the babes who went number one with a bullet! But John isn’t satisfied with just telling his buddy at the record store about his glory days. He is now obsessed with finding the girl who made the top of the top five!”

High Infidelity - xxx porn parody

High Infidelity - xxx porn parody

Starring Nick Manning (in the John Cusack role), Miles Long and Mark Davis (as his record store clerks), Nina Ferrari, Wanda Curtis, Shay Sights, Stevie and T.J. Hart. Directed by Cash Markman.

Very rare! The only source for High Infidelity we could find is this “stream to own” copy at GameLink.