Star Babe

Star Wars week at PORN PARODY concludes with a glimpse back to the very beginnings of George Lucas’s universe.

Star Babe came out in 1977, the same year as Star Wars. It sprang from the warped imagination of Anne Perry-Rhine, who wrote and directed a handful of early porn features (sometimes using the pseudonym S. B., short for “Super Bitch”).

Lily Rodgers, Tomi LaRoux and Becky Savage play Star Babe, Twinkle Toes and Milky Way, agents of the United World Space Agency trying to save planet Earth. The low-budget futuristic sets and costumes have a goofy charm.

Star Babe (1977)

Star Babe (1977)

The DVD is out of print, but Star Babe is watchable online at GameLink or AEBN or Hot Movies.