Coming Soon

Running list of porn parody projects coming down the pipeline. We add new projects to the list as soon as they’re mentioned somewhere, and we take them off the list once they’re officially released. Porn companies are flaky about release dates; sometimes titles get released a couple weeks early or several months late.

— On the Release Schedule —

Cape Fear XXX from DreamZone, starring Bonnie Rotten in the Robert Mitchum role.

This Ain’t Fast & Furious XXX from Hustler.

Jersey Boys XXX from X-Play, directed by Will Ryder.

Innocent: Not Traci Lords XXX from X-Play, directed by Will Ryder.

Manson Girls XXX from X-Play, directed by Will Ryder.

— In Development —

Axel Braun will shoot The Empire Strikes Back XXX for Wicked.

Will Ryder’s announced The Anal Adventures of Honey Poo Poo XXX as an upcoming project.

Assence Films announced Twins XXX for July 2014 release, but we’re still waiting.

Extreme Comixxx announced plans for The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes 2, sequel to 2011’s The Justice League of Pornstar Heroes.

British porn studio/site/network Televison X launched “Spoof Season” in July 2012 featuring Weird Science XXX, Chariots of Jizz and The Iron Lady Garden. Television X rolls out one new episode per week for subscribers. Hopefully the full movies will get DVD or VOD releases someday.

Britporn network Television X has produced Crank XXX, in which a gangster discovers that his rival has injected him with Chinese Viagra and he must now fuck constantly to go on living. As of April 2012, it will air as a five-part series on the network. No word when it will become available on streaming, download and/or DVD.