Ginger’s Island

Gingers Island XXX Gilligan parody

Gingers Island - XXX Gilligan parody

Cash Markman directed Ginger’s Island in 1997, the first Gilligan’s Island porn parody that we know of.

The premise: “Gideon is fishing in the lagoon when he pulls in a crate filled with sexual toys, prompting the seven castaways to have increased frustration over going twenty years without sex. Things will be changing before the night is over!” We always wondered why the castaways never got it on. What else are you gonna do on a desert island?

The hapless castaways included Farrah (as Ginger), Leanna Heart (as Mary Ann), Nina Hartley (as Mrs. Howell) and Mike Horner (as Gilligan).

Gingers Island, Part Two

Ginger's Island, Part Two

Sitcom parodies were popular even back then, so Cash Markman followed up with Ginger’s Island, Part Two the same year.

Most of the original cast returned, along with Brooke Ashley and Shawnee as a pair of Polynesian beauties who show up on the island “in search of a man big and brave enough to become the husband of an island princess”. More hilarity and fucking ensue.

Also see: This Ain’t Gilligan’s Island XXX, the 2009 porn parody from Hustler.

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