Vampire Sex Diaries

Vampire Sex Diaries

Vampire Sex Diaries

The Vampire Diaries novels predate the Twilight novels, but The Vampire Diaries TV show clearly owes its existence to the cute & cuddly Twilight teen vampire craze (with hints of Supernatural, The OC, etc.)

And now, halfway through its first season, The Vampire Diaries already has its own XXX porn parody — The Vampire Sex Diaries — which will probably look a lot like the various Twilight porn parodies.

The premise: research biologist Brad and girlfriend Amber stumble upon a long-forgotten town infested by “carnal vampires” obsessed with sex. They don’t crave blood, they crave you!

If they don’t crave blood, are they still technically vampires? Is that even scientifically possible?

Sex Line Sinema hyped The Vampire Sex Diaries as “a landmark adult event” in this YouTube trailer.

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