Flesh Gordon

Flash Gordon debuted as a daily adventure comic strip in 1934 and ran continuously until 2003. Hollywood made three Flash Gordon serials in the 1930s starring Buster Crabbe, and there have been countless film and TV adaptations since.

You can probably guess which adaptation is our favorite. Michael Benveniste and Howard Ziehm made the campy softcore parody Flesh Gordon in 1974. The character names all get the usual porn parody puns: Dale Arden becomes Dale Ardor; Dr. Zarkov becomes Dr. Jerkoff; and Ming the Merciless becomes Wang the Perverted. The story involves Wang targetting planet Earth with a “Sex Ray”, forcing space swashbuckler Flesh Gordon and sidekicks to rocket to planet Porno to save the day.

Flesh Gordon

Flesh Gordon

The film became a huge cult hit, playing drive-ins and midnight shows throughout the 70s. Hollywood made its own campy Flash Gordon in 1980 (original score by Queen!), but the low-budget Flesh Gordon is much more fun.

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  • franky coronado February 3, 2011, 2:24 pm

    When I saw this I knew I had to work in film

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