The Sperminator

November 30, 2009

McG’s godawful Terminator Salvation comes out on DVD tomorrow. PORN PARODY marks the occasion with our own Terminator Day.

The Terminator appeared in 1984, and the porn industry knocked out The Sperminator the following year. The XXX version has no real connection to the original — no cyborg, no time travel, no muscleman with a weird accent. The Sperminator, played by Rachel Ashley, instead runs a high-class sex therapy spa.

The Sperminator (1985) Rachel Ashley

The Sperminator (1985) Rachel Ashley

European studio Sunset used the same title pun for its XXX Terminator parody in 2003. See “what would really happen if a naked hunk from the future arrived on Earth.” Pornstar Marco Duato looks more like a buff Jim Belushi than Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he’s got the leather jacket and shades.

The Sperminator (2003) Marco Duato

The Sperminator (2003) Marco Duato

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