I’m Dreaming Of Genie

An exotic concubine eager to do anything to please her master, isn’t that the essence of porn? I Dream of Jeannie is tailor-made for porn parody. You don’t have to change the premise one bit, just make the astronaut less of an uptight wuss.

IAFD shows a whole bunch of XXX parody titles over the years: I Cream of Genie (1988), I Ream a Genie (1990), I Cream with Genie (1991), Bi Dream of Genie (1991 and again in 1995), I Cream on Jeannie (1995), I Scream for Genie (1997), I Cream of Jeannie (1999), I Cream for Genie (2004),  I Cream on Genie (2004) and I Cream on Genie 2 (2005).

The 2009 porn parody craze has produced one new title, I’m Dreaming of Genie from Venom. The only surprise is there haven’t been more.

I'm Dreaming of Genie

I'm Dreaming of Genie

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