Who’s Nailing Palin?

The 2008 election gave us hockey mom and VPILF aspirant Sarah Palin, first offscreen black president Barack Obama, and a spate of porn parodies. This week we’ll run them down.

Hustler rushed a Sarah Palin PORN PARODY into production during the election season. They released script excerpts and promo shots in early October, had a trailer online by October 18, then released Who’s Nailin Palin? before election day. Larry Flynt is a Democrat, so the very efficient mockery probably had some political motive.

Pornstar Lisa Ann plays Palin. The comedy sketch sex scenes in Who’s Nailin Palin? include: Sarah Palin fucking two Russian soldiers who invade Alaska; Todd Palin fucking his wife’s intern; Sarah fucking Todd’s business partner (in a dream); young Sarah fucking her Creationism professor; and finally a lesbian threesome between Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and Condeleezza Rice. A Bill O’Reilly figure at “Faux News” provides transitions between scenes.

Who's Nailin Palin?

Who's Nailin Palin?

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