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The Backdoor Bradys

Not the Bradys XXX from Will Ryder and Hustler was one of the biggest-selling XXX titles of recent years. It was also ground zero for the current TV show porn parody epidemic.

But it was not the first Brady Bunch porn parody. That distinction goes to The Backdoor Bradys from way back in 1995. That’s Nina Hartley as Alice.

The Backdoor Bradys

The Backdoor Bradys

There are nine pornstars pictured and listed on the box cover, and they have sex in various combinations. So does that mean The Backdoor Bradys is one big incest fest?

No. The film skirts the Brady incest issue by making the characters unrelated. Mike and Carol are still married, and Alice is their maid. But Mike refers to Greg as “my old college buddy”, and other dialogue pegs Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy as college acquaintances rather than siblings. So fake Mike Brady gets to fuck fake Cindy Brady without technically crossing the squick barrier.

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